The HOTEL APART stands for sustainability.

A PART of Sustainability

The HOTEL APART Rotkreuz – situated next to the Rotkreuz railway station – is one of the first MINERGIE hotels in Switzerland. It is remarkable for its unusual architecture with its bare concrete design, which is specially aimed at the discerning clientèle. Since the opening in the year 2010, the Hotel management has aimed to run the business on sustainable and eco-friendly principles, an objective which is being met in the form of many small, on-going projects. The eco-friendly implementation of the company objectives should be achieved through  clearly targeted measures and in cooperation with others. Measures include careful and responsible use of resources, giving preference to local business partners and to efficient and environmentally friendly solutions, even when they cost more money or time.  

MINERGIE Building standard  
The MINERGIE standard applied in the building of the HOTEL APART is a voluntary standard of construction which promotes the rational use of energy and the increased use of renewable energy sources in tandem with an improved quality of living, at the same time as ensuring competitiveness and reducing pollution. The HOTEL APART was one of the first MINERGIE hotels in Switzerland.

Geothermal Heating
By means of thermal heat pumps and 10 pipes drilled to a depth of 250m, the energy required for heating and warm water is generated.  In summer, the building can be cooled using a reverse process. Therefore, the building is independent of fossil fuels, which reflects current ecological trends. Furthermore, the surplus heat generated by the telecommunications equipment on the roof is recycled by the cooling system, amounting to an energy saving of 35’000kwh/year. More energy is also saved through the use of the regulated air change system.    

Regional Suppliers and Cooperation  
Priority is given to regional suppliers and businesses, thus supporting SMEs and reducing transport routes. For example, stationery and advertising material is printed by a business in Rotkreuz and local firms are called out for maintenance work. Sustainablilty is also a criterion in the area of Food and Beverage. Examples of this are:     

  • Buffalo meat products (Bratwurst, minced meat, salami): sourced from Rotkreuz   water buffalo meat (Farmer Knüsel in Rotkreuz) and processed by the butcher Käppeli & Rogenmoser in Baar
  • Milk and eggs: delivered daily by Farmer Iten, Zug - In-house iced tea: no artificial additives
  • Beer yeast-fed pork: from the Lucerne countryside (Wandelerhof farm in   Gunzwil)
  • Swiss mountain salt: from the saline plant in Bex (VD)
  • Bread for our hotel guests: fresh, artisan products delivered daily by the Leu bakery in Sins

Our cooperation with regional suppliers demonstrates our commitment to supporting sustainable farming, short transport distances and lowering CO2 emissions.

Community support: Youth support and support for local clubs and organisations is important to us and we at the HOTEL APART support various such clubs (youth clubs, sports and cultural organisations) every year through sponsorship. So, the HOTEL APART Rotkreuz have pledged their support of the EVZ’s junior teams for the next three seasons.

Digitalisation: As far as possible, the Hotel’s accounts system has been digitalised to reduce the amount of paper used (and the resulting environmental impact). Electronic billing is preferred.  

Sustainable use of resources: Since the tap water provided by the local water company in Risch/Rotkreuz is excellent, the HOTEL APART refrains from the purchase of bottled mineral water. Drinking water is treated in the Grander plant, filtered, cooled and carbonised. In the restaurant, the water is available as sparkling or still in glasses or carafes and is labelled ‚Risch water’. This concept enables us to dispose with the ecologically problematic question of bottled water. All the water flowing through the HOTEL APART is Grander water, so-called after the system of revitalising water according to the philosophy of Johann Grander.    

Energy consumption is also reduced through the use of LED lamps. The HOTEL APART Rotkreuz is a member of the Rischer Engergy Association.

TESLA charging station: The HOTEL APART is a member of TESLA's program «TESLA: Destination Charging». All electric cars can be charged here.