APARTHOTEL - the Design & Lifestyle hotel in rotkreuz.

APART «Minergie»

A notable feature of the APARTHOTEL is the installation of an earth probe heating system. The necessary energy for heating and warm water is supplied through heat pumps and 10 ground holes drilled at a depth of 250 m. In the summer, the building can be cooled by inverting this process. This way, no fossils fuels are necessary. The decision to avoid using fossil fuel reflects contemporary ecological concerns.

The Construction Authority in Canton Zug and the MINERGIE Certification Authority awarded the certification of the building at the end of December 2010.

APART «Design & Lifestyle Hotel»

The versatility of the APARTHOTEL in Rotkreuz is an important factor in its success. This is reflected in the additional classification categories which have been bestowed on the hotel by hotelleriesuisse. The 3-star superior hotel boasts the specialisation labels ‘Business Hotel’ and ‘Design & Lifestyle Hotel.

Raw concrete walls combined with smoked oak floors, polished furniture and colourful highlights – the ‘sophisticated/unfinished’ design concept of architects Jauch-Stolz has impressed hotelleriesuisse as being clearly formulated and implemented with innovative means in a conceptually consistent and atmospheric way. Thus, the APARTHOTEL has a unique and distinct air, generating a high level of recognition, not least owing to attention to detail. As a result, the APARTHOTEL Rotkreuz has already been featured in several highly regarded architectural publications.

Art in Creation

  • Peter Rösch, Luzern
    Each room in the APARTHOTEL has its own bed back wall.

  • Elise Hofstetter († 2015)
    The picture in the conference room was painted by Rotkreuz resident Elise Hofstetter at the age of 97.